Wedding Party

Alex Summers

Best Man

Self proclaimed honourary Brummie, Alex is a theater buff and artistic director. Julian and Alex met at secondary school (high school), and travelled the world together after graduating from uni (college)!

Gavin Rooke


Loves stocks, business, and making sure his hair looks good, Gav and Julian met while both working at Baker Tilly in London

Sal "Gomes" Rajabalee


Mr Flexible himself, Sal and Julian met while both working at Baker Tilly in London

Jarvis De Souza


Father to Gabriel, and husband to Ashley, Julian and Jarvis have known eachother since before they could walk

Kellie Kozel

Maid of Honor

Kellie and Amanda were roommates while at Yale. Kellie's quick wit, love of throwing fabulously themed parties and fantastic cooking made living with her an absolue joy!

Lauren Kivlen


Amanda met Lauren in college at UC Berkeley where they bonded over both being transfer students. Lauren is funny, honest, sensitive and is training at Yale to be a midwife.

Elena Moreno


Elena and Amanda have known each other since grade school and sang together in the San Francisco Girls Chorus. Growing up they spent countless hours together having slumber parties, movie marathons and baking extravaganzas.

Gail McIlwraith


Gail is Amanda's soon-to-be sister-in-law. The thousand of miles between them can't stop Gail and Amanda from their sisterly activities of sharing clothes, discussing their mutual love of TV shows and texting every day.

Phoebe McIlwraith

Flower Girl

Bubbly, precocious and full of love, Phoebe is the most fantastic niece!
Nikkol Christiansen